20. Eight Ways to do it Elegantly and Enjoyably

20. Eight Ways to do it Elegantly and Enjoyably

Let’s not mess about.

Last time I told you I would share ways to be relentless with new and existing clients.

Remember, relentless follow-up is going to get your hard-earned new prospect buying from you, and your existing clients buying more from you, more often.

Here are eight ways to do it elegantly and enjoyably:

  1. Continuity - get your clients into a recurring paid membership. This is very simple to do and means you have a guaranteed and known cash flow every month. You can package up your offer so it looks extra valuable to the client.  Your clients are getting the headache-free ability to have you book all their appointments for them for a year, manage them and feel that they are your priority. You can tier the membership for different levels of price and product too.
  2. Newsletter - free subscription. 4 sides, 1/3 something interesting about yourself, 1/4 about your product or service and the rest about nothing in particular, just something that might interest your clients. For example, a quiz (for which you can offer a prize, ask clients to complete and send back, which makes it interactive). Post this out to their physical address every month. Ask them to subscribe so they’ll only get it if they want it, but then you’ll have their postal address, which you can use for other direct mail pieces.
  3. Daily emails, every day, into their inbox - this is a Whole Big Subject in itself, which I will go into in more detail later, but the main thing is you will be front-of-mind when they are thinking of hair and beauty, which means you’ll make money from them.
  4. Loyalty points - most computerized reservation systems have points for money spent in the salon which can be redeemed for future services.
  5. Rewards - a special gift for your top clients, personalised and branded.  Recognition is the important thing here. Reward cards work well too. You know the ones I mean - like a coffee card, ‘buy five and the sixth one is free’ and stamped at the time of service.
  6. Telephone calls - almost no one does these. I am not talking about a call to remind a client of an upcoming appointment, but an actual telephone call (not text) to a client the week after they’ve been in for a service. (This works well for both new and existing clients. For the newbies it helps to cement the relationship, for the regulars it’s a wow factor that can’t be beat as it is so rare.) You ask them how they are and how they are enjoying their hair (or manicure, or whatever). Then say nothing else, just listen. You will get a variety of responses from delight you have called, a rave about their hair/colour/style/condition, to a thank you for calling but everything’s fine. They may book another appointment or even say, “It’s not quite right”, “I’m not really sure about it”, which gives you the opportunity to provide a solution, a fix and to get them back in the door. I cannot tell you how many times even a little niggle has prevented a new client from returning. Clients very rarely complain and vote with their feet… often you never know why. This phone call is your ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card.
  7. Reward your top clients yet again - every business will have its top spending clients. Given the 80/20 principle, it will be the top 20% of your clients that provide you with 80% of your profit. Treat these clients with kid gloves. They are your golden eggs. If you have a points scheme, give these people double or triple. Whatever they want, you give. Whatever you have to give, provide it to these people, and more.
  8. Service - it goes without saying if your service is crap you don’t have a business. Or not for very long. It is not enough to say that you provide excellent service. That’s the expectation. You need to provide exceptional service. Consistently. And this is not your selling point by the way. Service is a given. You should always be looking at creating the most exceptional service and product that ever existed. No shortcuts.

You can probably think of more ways to follow-up, a handwritten card in the post, a champagne and canapé evening in your salon, a podcast your clients can subscribe to.

You’re the creative; get creative.

That’s actually quite a lot to absorb so I am going to leave it there for now.  In the hope that you take some action and actually implement one, some, or all of these.  Then next time I’m going to bang on about relentlessness again.




P.S. “Give me back my passport” and carted off to jail.  That’s where we were last time with Jaydyn.

Being banged up in the nick for swearing may sound a bit dramatic, but swearing at someone in The Giant Sandpit is met with severe penalties, as are hand gestures, showing your knees, and various other draconian laws.

But back to Jaydyn in jail, although another long and entertaining story in itself, we’re going to leave him there with no food, no water, no idea what he has been charged with for 36 hours. 

Then we will take him to court, make him sign a statement in a foreign language, fine him approx. £1000 for coming into the country without enough funds (yep, you read that right, a fine for no funds) and then say he’s good to go.

But not really.

Good to go back to the airport, get his visa and then be told he was to be deported because swearing at the cop had ‘wounded his soul’.

I kid you not.

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