22. Doing it the QBofE Way

22. Doing it the QBofE Way

So far in my articles, if you have been paying attention, I’ve been giving you the strategy to building your business. 

A foolproof blueprint to getting more clients through the door and keeping them.  

From attracting the right type of client through positioning, charging the right price, establishing relationships, selling to them in an elegant way and following-up relentlessly.  

This is your strategy.

There is one more part to it, but this next idea hangs off relentless follow up, so it’s a good time to mention it. 

And that is sending your client Daily Emails.

These are much maligned by people who either have no idea about them, have never tried them or who have and got it wrong. Daily emails have the dual benefit of building a relationship with your clients and making you sales.

And with a bit of practice, they are easy and fun to write.

Bear in mind Daily Emails are a tactic you can use to keep your clients in your herd, they are used in delivering your strategy, and on their own they may work really well, but you should never rely on any one tactic alone.  Also use as many tactics as possible.

Saying that though, Daily Email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways to make money there is.

And at the time of writing this, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of getting business. If done correctly, and the QBofE Way, this one tactic (as long as the foundations of your strategy are set in place) will make you loads of money.

So, how do we explain the facts?

Here are a few hypotheses. I don't claim they're all necessarily true, but they're reasonable and based on much of what we know to be true.

  • You're there when they're ready to buy. Consider: not everyone on your list is ready to buy all the time. For one reason and another their "buying temperature" goes up and down. Now, imagine they're in the mood to buy one day a week and you email once a month (which is still more frequently than most business owners email). The chances of your email landing in their inbox on the day they decide to buy, assuming both are independent and random, is approximately 1 in 900. But if you email every day, then you are certain to have an email in their inbox on the day they want to buy.
  • You are top of consciousness. Your having an email in their inbox on the Special Day won't guarantee they'll buy from you, but it vastly increases your chances. Why? Because you're the guy or gal they keep hearing from! When they think "beauty!” your name immediately comes up.
  • By writing conversational emails, written as you speak, you attract people who are like you. This is not a trivial point and bears some explanation. But, in brief, we know we tend to like to do business with people who are like ourselves. And we tend to attract those people by writing naturally and conversationally. In other words, if you write pretentiously, you'll attract pretentious people for clients.
  • Your emails are like the emails they get from friends. When you get a nicely formatted 'newsletter' type email you know it's from a business, especially if that's the name in the ‘From’ field. Immediately you know what follows is a pitch, no matter how gently it's put. But by sending emails the QBofE Way, your emails look more like the kind of emails you send and receive for fun. Sure you know I'm selling, but you also know there's no real hard sell, and even if you don't buy anything you know you're going get some value from reading it, even if it's just a giggle or two.
  • You're selling not just telling. Despite what I said above, if you write your emails the QBofE Way, they will be sales emails. You'll be following the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) sales formula and structuring your emails with a proper call to action, and each email will have a specific purpose and one (and only one) thing to sell, rather than a meandering, boring brochure or catalogue of boring "stuff".


Something to ponder.  And at the moment emails are pretty much free, and don’t take much time at all.  So your return on investment is astronomical.

And if you are at all skeptical right now, next time I will share some examples of the power of Daily Emails.

Stay tuned.



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