23. How I Earned £72,000 with 15 Emails

23. How I Earned £72,000 with 15 Emails

Last time I promised you some examples of Daily Email Marketing the QBofE way, to show you they actually work for a salon business.  

And here are two:

1. When I first started email marketing I was a bit unsure about what my offer would be. So I did a soft launch to test the response (yes, I too was a doubter and a bit anxious about what other people would think - it happens to the best of us). Terry, my then business partner, was undertaking an open water swim in the Thames and we wanted to raise money for The Little Princess Trust (the charity that makes real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness or genetic disorder). 
So I emailed our list of clients daily over a period of 3 weeks with the Call To Action being to donate to our purpose built charity page. 
The campaign got a great reaction and we raised over £3,000 for the charity.

2. At the tail-end of 2013, I was facing a larger-than-expected tax bill (my fault for not harassing the accountant for information in a timely fashion), so with cash flow a bit tight due to the boiler blowing up and losing a staff member, I sent out an email campaign (of about 15 emails) to my existing clients. 
The offer was to pre-book all of their 2014 appointments. The proposition was I was going to raise the prices on 1st Jan 2014, but if they pre-booked all their appointments for this year they would only pay 2013 prices. 
I also offered for their appointments to be concierge-managed by the reception team, who would send out reminders and call them each month to check that everything was Ok. 
These 15 emails generated £72,000 in sales.

As I said, they are just two examples. There are many more, just like them, and the funny thing is, even though I did have people unsubscribing at the start, the more I wrote, the more the clients liked them, even down to saying they felt like part of the family.

So why wouldn’t you try it?  

Well there are many reasons people put forward for not using this simple tactic, but most of them are preconceived ideas that have no basis in fact, or myths.
Here are the myths about writing daily emails:

1. They are spam
They are not. Every person who is on your email list should be there by their own agreement because they signed up for them (and for double protection, ooh er, they have double opted in). This is particularly important in the UK and Europe now with GDPR.
Spam is unwanted emails you never signed up for, and is usually impersonal, ugly and full of photos you can't see, with offers that are of no value to you. Interestingly you are more likely to be considered spam if you only email occasionally and your customer is not expecting anything from you.

2. Nobody wants to be emailed every day
Nobody wants to be emailed boring, sales emails every day. You'd have to be a very special person to enjoy that. But when your emails are not about your thing (service or product), and are interesting and entertaining, your customers will look forward to your email every day.   
When I was writing emails for the salon I would have people say they would stop all the staff in their office and read out the daily email, or make a cup of tea and have a slice of cake as they read it, or really look forward to coming back from a lunch break at 2pm and have an email waiting for them to kick start their afternoon.

3. You'll lose customers through unsubscribes
You will lose people through unsubscribing, yes. But if you are sending interesting, informative emails with a call to action the way I do, those who are unsubscribing are not your ideal customers anyway.  
There will be a few who unsubscribe because they don't have time or would rather not get a daily email, and who will still remain your customer.  
That's absolutely fine. They can be sold to another way.

4. People don't like to be sold to
Everyone likes to be sold to if it's done the right way.  
Nasty boring, buy-my-rubbish-for-80%-off-right-now, is not the right way.  Seductive selling to people to meet their wants and desires through entertaining and informative (are you getting the drift yet?) emails is a soft-sell. When you get this right, your customers will thank you for the sale.

5. I have nothing to write about
I am on many email lists of people who send out daily emails to their clients, similar to the QBofE way. Some of them are extremely articulate and funny, some are full of typos and mistakes, some are short, and some take a full cup of coffee to get through. 
The thing is, everyone can write.

You just have to remember the golden rule - ‘write like you speak’.

Daily emails are stories, but stories that have a very specific structure to them - they are designed to do some work for you. And they are the easiest tactic to use to be relentless in your follow-up. 
Don’t get me wrong, you could probably get similar results if you were sending out a printed postcard every single day to your clients, but emails, for now, are fast and effective. 
And once you get over the apprehension and enjoy the process, you should be able to bang one out in 20 minutes or less, and still have clients asking for more.
Ok, enough about them.  
Next time I will share an idea that is not only a game changer, but also a life changer.   
You won’t wanna miss that one.

P.S. Jaydyn has his one-way ticket back to Australia and everyone is feeling pretty grim.
But this time I have had enough.   
The bureaucracy in the giant sandpit is ridiculous.  
Human rights are non-existent, there’s one law for some but another law for others, if you think something is logical and makes sense, some fucker will make sure it becomes illogical and nonsense.   
There’s only so much rubbish that can fit in my ‘bucket’ before it overflows, and right now the stench is foul.   
Besides, if Jaydyn leaves the country I lose my Personal Trainer and the best swimming coach my daughter has ever had.  
So as usual, it’s all about me and my best interest.  
So I abducted him…

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