24. This Idea Will Change Your Life

24. This Idea Will Change Your Life

What do Netflix, your local gym and Costco have in common?

They all operate their business using a subscription or membership model, which is the crux of the life-changing idea of Continuity.

I briefly mentioned the idea of Continuity in a previous article, when talking about relentless follow up. But it's an important topic on it's own. Because if you embrace this concept you can say goodbye to poor cash flow and your life will get easier and your business more profitable.

Remember I said Continuity is getting your client into a recurring paid membership?

You may think that this is not possible in a salon, but actually when you think about it, hair and beauty is one of the easiest things to sell membership to.


Because by their very nature, hair, skin and nails require regular servicing to keep them in good condition. Just like going to the gym on a regular basis is good for your body.

And you can help your client keep them in good condition whilst freeing yourself from the highs and lows of retail trading each month.


By packaging up your services and selling them as a monthly pre-paid membership.

Your client signs up to ‘pay a monthly fee’ and for that fee they get a number of services and/or products from yourself.

You can include things like newsletters that give them exclusive tips to looking after their hair, nails and skin.

Or exclusive invitations to product launches.

Or special services only available to members.

Or special events you put on in the salon.

Or double loyalty points.

Or any number of things that create value to the client and don't have to cost you a whole lot extra. And definitely all of the above.

Of course, you need to price the membership package so you’re not giving away services below cost, but the more perceived value you show, the higher you can charge.

And almost no one in our industry is doing it, which means you have the scoop on something profitable, creative and of value to your client.

Imagine a guaranteed income in your account on a set day of the month. How would that change business for you?

And if you think it won't work, here are two very valid examples:

The dollar shave club that delivers disposable razors to subscribers every month, https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/

And Kennedys All-American Barber Club, which also operates on a members-only principle http://kennedysbarberclub.com/about-us/

Both of whom are making a killing not only with subscription paid services, but also using personality based marketing to attract clients and keep them coming back for more.

There is no reason for you not to try.



P.S. Maybe I should clarify the word ‘abduction’.

There was no way I was letting go of Jaydyn, the best personal trainer/swimming coach I had, without a fight. So I had a good think about my options.

And I offered to take him to the airport to catch his flight to Australia.

The solution to me was dead simple.

He didn’t have to get on the plane.

He had a 30-day tourist visa so he could stay in the country for 30 days and then get an extension for another 30 days before he would have to fly out again on a ‘visa run’.

During that time he could look for another job here, and have better chances of getting one quickly without the hassle of having to apply for jobs from Australia.  And he did want to work here, just so we’re clear.

What could possibly go wrong?

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