29. Why Eyeballs are Irrelevant

29. Why Eyeballs are Irrelevant

I was a bit naughty the last time I wrote an article for you, and made an assumption.

Which is a cardinal sin when it comes to educating your client.

I just assumed you knew paid advertising is better than trying to get free or what they call ‘organic’ hits to your website and into your funnel.

But it’s true.

In the main, you want to be paying for your ‘traffic’ because that gives you a lot more control, especially when it comes to targeting and quality.

“But it’s too expensive QBofE!”

Well yes, if you consider the minimum price you pay for someone to click on your advert in LinkedIn is £2, you might well think of the expense.

And Facebook and Google Adwords can rack up your advertising bill on a daily basis, and let’s not get started on the cost of newspaper or magazine adverts (and if you’re not thinking about the price, but thinking it’s just too hard and confusing to bother with, you really are missing out).

But let’s just put it into perspective for a moment:

You can't make any rational statement about the cost of a ‘click’ until you view it in the context of your whole advertising strategy.

Consider this: you're paying £2 a click, and you know for every 1,000 clicks you make 10 sales on average. That's a conversion rate of 1%, which is about right for a sale "straight off the page."

Is this good or bad?

Well, obviously (I hope) it depends on what you're selling, how much you're selling it for, and how much profit you make on each one.

If you were selling £10 bottles of nail polish, then you'd be spending £2,000 to make £100 in sales and probably half that in profits.  That would indeed make your advertising on LinkedIn expensive.

But what if you were selling £1,000 weave extensions?  Then you'd be spending £2,000 to make £10,000 in sales, and most of it profit, which would be a very smart thing to do indeed.

The Big Lesson is this: the cost of your advertising is not the main thing for you to be worrying about.

You really need to be thinking in terms of your Return On Investment, because that's where the profits are.

And whilst it's tempting to think free advertising is the way to go, it's almost always a bad idea.

Because one of the things you sacrifice when you go for "free" is targeting. And targeting begets quality. And quality begets conversions, sales, and profits.

Three points:

  1. Don't fall into the trap of thinking "free" traffic is the only kind you can "afford".
  2. Don't fall into the trap of thinking the Internet is the One True Way of getting new business (it's not and only idiots think it is)
  3. And don't fall into the third trap... which is probably the most dangerous of all.... of assuming "eyeballs" is a good measure of how well your ad is going to perform. This nefarious trick is something the ad reps love to play on you -- they'll say your ad will be "seen" by hundreds of thousands of people as if that were somehow relevant.

Because it's relevant only if your target market comprises those people.

As an example, imagine advertising your amazing pork sausage in Vegetarian Magazine.

As you can imagine, you ain't gonna sell many bangers, no matter how many people read the magazine.

So what does it all come back to?

It's targeting.

Knowing your ideal client, knowing your average annual spend per client, and knowing how much you are prepared to spend to get that client through the door.

And then appealing to that client’s wants through targeted ads using the AIDA formula and being in the right place where your clients hang out.





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