BOOSTmySALON was founded by Carey Faulkner. A hairdresser, photographer, hair salon owner of an award-winning salon, business consultant and finalist of Best Marketing at the HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2016. With over 30 years experience in the hair and beauty industry, Carey is passionate about helping hair and beauty salons grow through education, quality service, marketing and differentiation.

It was three years ago that I decided to move away from the salon floor doing hair. I changed my approach to becoming a marketer of my salon business and effectively became the marketing manager. Since focusing completely on marketing, the salon quickly grew in client numbers, referrals, average bill figures and ultimately more sales and profit.

To focus entirely on marketing is a luxury most salon owners can’t afford to do, as they are the ones busy doing hair or beauty. The challenge for busy salon owners is finding the time to focus on the business and the important aspects that come with running a salon, such as marketing. Large companies have the luxury of marketing departments and personnel to purely focus on marketing their companies. This doesn’t apply to salons apart from salon groups and larger salons that can afford to do so.

As a salon business consultant visiting hundreds of salons over the last ten years and empathizing with the challenges salon owners have, I knew an opportunity arose with sharing all the elements of successful marketing and best business practice and systems that has helped other salons and my own to grow.

The success of my own salon business is based on a good understanding of marketing and working closely with Dan Tiller, the head of graphic design at BOOSTmySALON. I have pulled together a group of talented and creative people all with the same focus; to help the hair and beauty industry prosper and get you, the salon owner, and their teams earning good money that you all deserve.

“Marketing is about communication, telling stories and making connections. Master marketing, then you master your business.”