Salon Notebook

Salon Notebook

Salon Notebook has been created for the salon or boutique brand that wants to showcase their talents or products, but doesn't have the time or the resources to commit to sending out and chasing up photographic collections or press releases, knocking on bloggers, journalists or influencers doors, updating social media or finding a new web designer.

That's where Salon Notebook comes in.

At Salon Notebook we truly understand the hairdressing and beauty industry and we want to use our skills and your talents to help your business grow.

We have teamed up with Good Salon Guide to bring you our expertise and advice when it comes to your salon's PR and marketing commitments, helping to make this side of the business easier for you.

If you are interested in the services that Salon Notebook can offer, please drop us a line on [email protected]

Marketing fact sheets by Salon Notebook for you to download: