Simon Harris

Simon Harris

I am a business growth coach to the hairdressing industry. 

I have over 40 years experience as a hairdresser and salon owner, running 16 salons with over 250 staff, before starting up my own company aimed at supporting salon owners and managers.

I have an online coaching web based business, mysalonmanager, which is a membership based site helping salon owners with every aspect of managing their business.

I work closely with product companies delivering seminars and workshops to salon owners and managers, and coaching to business development managers within Goldwell and KMS.

The type of coaching I do for my clients involves:

  • Looking in depth at their systems and processes and challenging them to look at different ways of achieving better results.
  • Specifically, with regard to training and staff development. Training in the hair industry is typically poor and the only recognized qualification is NVQ.
  • Industry specific software is required to enable salon owners and managers to measure and monitor staff against key performance indicators necessary to maintain client satisfaction and growth.
  • I will get the whole salon team involved in the creation of the salon vision and goals. Target setting stretches and motivates staff balanced against an innovative incentivizing pay structure linked to the ability to progress up the career ladder.
  • Ensuring that all systems and processes are ‘joined up’ to create a coherent and easy to follow management ‘guide book’ which becomes the ‘bible’ for the entire team to work from.