Skin and Scalp Testing

Skin and Scalp Testing

Carrying out a skin and scalp test on colour clients is extremely important and a legal requirement. Salons have an obligation to patch test their customers.

Not only are you putting your client's health at risk if you don't carry out a skin and scalp test, but you are also putting your business at risk, financially and your reputation.

Failure to patch test can lead to prosecution and fines. This applies whether the client have had a colour done before or organic and ammonia-free colours as they still contain chemicals that could cause a reaction.

However tempting it may be to carry out a colour service on a walk-in, we recommend do a full patch test. We have also been advised that colour disclaimers are not worth the paper they are written on and the only way to protect yourself and your clients is through a skin and scalp test.

A hair strand test should also be offered to ensure that the hair can tolerate being coloured and that the chemicals will not damage the hair or cause it to snap. This is extremely important if the client’s hair have previously been exposed to bleaching products.