Attracting top stylists and loyal clients with 5-star quality

Attracting top stylists and loyal clients with 5-star quality

With a heritage spanning over forty years, the Clipso group of salons is now well established as a hugely successful industry leader in the world of British hairdressing.

Its flagship salon is in Watford, where Clipso launched, and it has now added thriving salons in St Albans, Hemel Hempstead and Cheshunt. Good Salon Guide is so proud to have Clipso as a Member and to know that our independent star rating system really helps to put them on the map, attracting both quality employees and loyal local clients.

Leading the way are Scott Frazer-Halsey and Steve Hamberger – who continue to steer the salon group through its many successes. We recently met up with them to find out more.

“Clipso are the definition of a local salon. The group was created four decades ago by Terry Calvert, a local Watford boy, and we have remained in the area, winning award after award.” ~ Scott Frazer-Halsey 

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Tell us what it’s like to be part of your amazing salon group

“It’s like raising your own family,” says Steve. “It’s important to us at Clipso that our team enjoy the same closeness and respect for each other, and that same willingness to cooperate in good times and bad.

“Our team is loyal and committed and the longevity of their Clipso careers has created a bond that is honest, genuine, and completely organic.

“95% of our team are local to their salon and know their clients well,” adds Scott. “And we all continuously fundraise for a cause local to us.

”It’s a policy that Clipso respect each one of their team members, from day one pairing them up with a more experienced member of the team, allowing them to be nurtured as they assist and share their skills and interests.”~ Scott Frazer-Halsey

A five-star service every time

Clipso’s exacting standards are second to none, which means clients can trust them to provide a five-star service every time with the attention to detail, personalised service, and friendly ambience of being based in a close-knit community. Professionalism is about fulfilling this promise, says Scott, and everything they do is focused on making the client feel great.

All Clipso salons have spacious interiors which have undergone numerous updates and reinventions over the years to meet the ever-changing demands of salon life.

“Professionalism isn’t just about how we look or talk, it’s about how we make the client feel when we are talking to them – we want them to smile and laugh and feel the centre of our attention – because they are!” ~Scott Frazer-Halsey

The salons are designed to be happy, fun, and relaxing so that clients feel welcome, explains Scott.

All guests are provided with a freshly laundered gown, folded and bagged especially for them, and complimentary drinks from lattes and hot chocolate to soft drinks, wine, and beer.

Steve emphasises that they take their refreshments very seriously with absolutely no ‘hidden extras’.

Not just an amazing cut and colour …

Scott adds: “Professionalism is not about beautiful surroundings and the shiny bits we see in social media, but how we make the client feel when they are in those surroundings. An appointment with Clipso is not just about an amazing cut and colour, but how did we make you feel during the process?”

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