Coronation Bank Holidays 2023

Coronation Bank Holidays 2023

With the Coronation of the King on Saturday 6th May and an extra bank holiday on Monday 8th May you may be wondering how you should deal with these days.

Whether you close for both days is up to you as you're not forced to, however we expect many salons to close for both.

For the Saturday, should you decide to close then you can take one days leave from everyone or give them an extra day’s leave, depending how generous you feel!

The situation with the bank holiday is more complicated though as it depends on the wording of your contracts. If they say, "X days per year including bank holidays" then the day comes from their allowance, however if they say "X days per year plus 8 bank holidays” or X days per year plus bank holidays” then you will have to give them the extra day at your cost.

It’s also worth considering whether there are any marketing ‘hooks’ you can take advantage of around the Coronation to encourage clients to spend a little extra. Perhaps they want something special for a street party or have an event of their own planned?