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Specialised Telecom services for the Hair and Beauty industry

Did you know 68% of new clients won’t call back if their first call isn’t answered?

Installing Salon Call Manager ensures you never miss a client call again – just imagine the extra revenue this can generate and the number of new clients you can gain.




Trusted by the UK's best hair and beauty businesses, Salon Call Manager converts callers into customers faster and boosting your salons profit by:

  • Instantly SMS missed callers
  • Professionally recorded greeting
  • Team alerts for missed calls
  • Out-of-hours messages
  • Direct callers to online booking
  • Increase sales with on-hold advertising, promotional messages
  • Keep track with daily reporting
  • Live call view for instant callbacks
  • End-of-day, monthly and daily reports
  • Call recording
  • Helpdesk support 24/7

Without Salon Call Manager we’d be losing sales – Toby Dicker The Chapel Salons

With a 24/7 helpdesk and trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Nicky Clarke, Trevor Sorbie, Skyler London, Gina Conway and the Sally Montague Hair Group, you know your salon is in safe hands with Mutu. Make the connection.

Learn how we can help you win new clients, boost profits and improve customer service at

Call 0333 332 3999 or email [email protected] for your free demo and ensure you never miss a client call again.