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Pastels Salon is the UAE’s premier grooming destination, offering the very latest, most innovative and quite simply the best hair, beauty and nail treatments under one roof.

Steven Chan and Ruksher Malik opened the first branch of Pastels Salon in the Oasis Centre in 2004. Following a fire in these premises, the business partners relocated the salon to a villa on Al Wasl Road. As the salon’s customer base grew, the duo opened a second salon within the Ritz Carlton Dubai Marina in 2008 before establishing a branch in Mercato Mall in 2011. As business flourished and client demand grew, the flagship Al Wasl branch was relocated to a spacious villa in 2012, which boasts state-of-the-art styling areas and treatment rooms, as well as client parking. Pastels Salon has become one of the region’s best-known and most acclaimed hair and beauty salon brands, winning numerous awards, including most recently Favourite Hair Salon at the What’s On Dubai awards in November 2017.

Each year, the salon’s artistic team creates pioneering in-house photo shoots to showcase their mastery at creating fashion-forward and on-trend hairstyles, which has catapulted the salon to the attention of local and international media, as well as fashion show organisers. The artistic team is also in high demand to style editorial photo shoots for the UAE’s elite publications.

In summer 2017, Pastels was exclusively invited to be Dyson’s styling partner for its campaign to market and raise brand awareness of the newly-launched Dyson Supersonic – a testament to the team’s reputation for hair brilliance.

Each member of the Pastels’ team is highly-skilled in his or her chosen area of expertise and the salon’s team undergoes regular training, including international artists to train the stylists and industry professionals to train the nail and beauty therapists.

So if you want a quick fix or even indulge in a few hours of luxurious pampering, why not call Pastels and let the salon’s expert team fulfil your every grooming desire.

The Salon has two branches:
Pastels Salon Jumeirah 04 388 3534 [email protected]

The flagship salon is housed in a large, luxury, chic and custom-built premises on Al Wasl Road, which was refurbished in summer 2017. It offers the most cutting-edge hair, nails and beauty treatments and boasts a staff that includes two facial therapists, a lash and brow specialist and an award-winning spray tan expert. The branch caters to its loyal female-only clientele - a mix of Emirati and Expat ladies, many of whom are everyday working women, as well as well-known media professionals and recognizable faces from the city’s social scene.

Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton 04 399 5016 [email protected]

This branch is modern, upbeat and exudes style and sophistication, offering hair services and beauty treatments including waxing and nails to its varied unisex clientele. It caters to a large population of JBR and Dubai Residents and also receives many tourists and visitors to Dubai.


Hair Basic

Cut and Blow-dry
from 370 AED
Cut and Blow-dry + Tongs - Style Director
from 475 AED
Junior Stylist Cut and Blow-dry
from 210 AED
Wet Cut-Style Director
from 350 AED
Wet Cut
from 315 AED
Re-Style – Style Director
from 455 AED
from 420 AED
Junior Stylist Re-Style
from 255 AED
Up Style
from 340 AED
Blow Dry S/M/L/EL
from 130/160/190/220 AED
Blow-dry Packages on Consultation

Hair Ultra

Root Colour
from 300 AED
Root Colour - Style Director
from 350 AED
Full Colour S/M/L
from 410/460/510 AED
Full Colour S/M/L - Style Director
from 450/500/550 AED
Inoa Roots
from 355 AED
Inoa Roots - Style Director
from 385 AED
Inoa Full Colour S/M/L
from 460/510/565 AED
Inoa Full Colour - Style Director - S/M/L
from 475/525/575 AED
Full Head Bleach Roots S/M/L/EL
from 420/630/840/1050 AED
Colour Correction on Consultation
Colour Glossing S/M/L
from 300/355/405 AED
Half Head Highlights S/M/L
from 510/565/615 AED
Half Head Highlights - Style Director - S/M/L
from 660/710/760 AED
¾ Head Highlights - Style Director - S/M/L
from 690/740/790 AED
Full Head Highlights S/M/L
from 615/670/720 AED
Full Head Highlights - Style Director - S/M/L
from 760/810/860 AED
T-Section Highlights S/M/L
from 405/460/510 AED
T-Section Highlights - Style Director - S/M/L
from 560/610/660 AED
Junior Stylist Half Head Highlights S/M/L
from 255/305/360 AED
Junior Stylist Full Head Highlights S/M/L
from 305/360/410 AED
Half Balayage / Ombre S/M/L
on Consutation
¾ Balayage/Ombre - Style Director - S/M/L
on Consultation
Full Balayage / Ombre S/M/L
on Consutation
Full Balayage/Ombre - Style Director - S/M/L
from 720/770/820 AED
Balayage/Ombre Few - Style Director
from 350 AED
Kerastraight on Consultation
Intense Boost S/M/L
from 160/210/265 AED
Ultimate Boost S/M/L
from 370/420/475 AED
Perm on Consultation
Hair Straightening/Re-Bonding on Consultation
Conditioning Treatments
from 170 AED

Innoluxe/Smartbond/Olaplex (Added To Colour)

Single Dose
from 85 AED
Double Dose
from 170 AED

Innoluxe/Smartbond/Olaplex (Stand Alone Treatment)

Single Dose
from 210 AED
Double Dose (depends on the length of the hair)
from 265-315 AED


Brae Smoothing Botox - 1200 to 3100
on Consultation
Brae Smoothing Botox Express - 600 to 1550
on Consultation


Hair Detox using Fusio Scrub + Treatment Oil Drops
from 105 AED
Hair Detox using Fusio Scrub + Treatment Oil Drops + Kerastase Hair Masque
from 275 AED
Hair Detox using Fusio Scrub + Treatment Oil Drops + Kerastase Fusio Dose
from 375 AED

K Water

K Water Short Hair
from 35 AED
K Water Medium Hair
from 45 AED
K Water Long Hair
from 55 AED
K Water Extra Long Hair
from 65 AED

Children’s Cut

Girls and Boys (10 Yrs and Under)
from 140 AED
Junior Stylist Children’s Cut (11 – 13 Yrs)
from 150 AED
Girls (11 – 13 Yrs)
from 265 AED
Girls (14-16 Yrs)
from 315 AED
Junior Stylist Children’s Cut (10 Yrs and under)
from 95 AED

Hair Extensions

Great Lengths on Consultation
Balmain on Consultation
Beauty Works on Consultation
Crazy/Pastel/Jewel Colours (All in 16″) on Consultation
Removal of Extensions (done at Pastels)
from 525 AED
from 120 AED
Removal of Extensions (done in another salon)
from 1050 AED

Beauty Services


Manicure (French)
from 130 AED
from 140 AED
Pedicure (French)
from 150 AED
Rehab Manicure
from 155 AED
Rehab Pedicure
from 180 AED
Spa Manicure
from 170 AED
Spa Pedicure
from 190 AED

Shape and Polish

Hands or Feet
from 60 AED
Hands or Feet (French)
from 65 AED

Mini Manicure and Mini Pedicure Hands or Feet

Hands or Feet
from 70 AED
Hands or Feet (French)
from 75 AED

Essie Couture

Essie Couture Mini Manicure/Mini Pedicure
from 95/100 AED
Essie Couture Manicure/Pedicure
from 145/165 AED
Essie Couture French Manicure/French Pedicure
155/175 AED

Essie Gel/Gelish

Gelish French Manicure/French Pedicure from 205/230 AED
Gelish Manicure/Pedicure from 195/220 AED
Removal from 50 AED

Bio Sculpture

Colour Overlay
from 270 AED
Colour Overlay plus Extension
from 385 AED
French Overlay plus Extension
from 420 AED
Colour Refill
from 210 AED
French Overlay
from 345 AED
French Refill
from 235 AED
Toes Colour/Toes French
from 300/315 AED
Gel Removal
from 75 AED
Repair per Nail Natural/Repair per Nail French
from 40/50 AED
Everlasting Manicure/Everlasting Pedicure
from 180/190 AED
Lavender Base Treatment
from 185 AED


Perfectsense Paraffin Treatment (Hands – Single Use) from 120 AED
Perfectsense Paraffin Treatment (Feet – Single Use) from 130 AED
Miracle Callous Peel (Single Use) from 120 AED
Nail Art (Per Nail)


Boy’s Cut (11-14 Yrs)
from 190 AED

Hair Basic

Men’s Cut
from 275 AED
Boy’s Cut (10 Yrs and under)
from 140 AED
Boy’s Cut (15-18 Yrs)
from 210 AED
Junior Stylist Boy’s Cut (10 Yrs and under)
from 95 AED
Junior Stylist Boy’s Cut (11-14 Yrs)
from 140 AED
Junior Stylist Boy’s Cut (15-18 Yrs)
from 160 AED

Hair Ultra

from 265 AED
from 420 AED
from 120 AED


from 120 AED
from 140 AED



Ear Wax
from 65 AED
Nose Wax
from 70 AED
Back Wax
from 210 AED
Chest Wax
from 210 AED

Beauty and Body Treatments


Half Leg/Full Leg
from 130/190 AED
Half Arm /Full Arm
from 105/130 AED
from 85 AED
Bikini Line from 85 AED
Half Brazilian/ Full Brazilian
from 130/170 AED
Half Front or Back
from 95 AED
Full Front or Back
from 130 AED
Full Body (Full Legs, Full Arms, Bikini Line, Underarms)
from 445 AED
Full Body (Full Legs, Full Arms, Underarms, Back, Front and Brazilian)
from 715 AED
from 45 AED

Threading and Waxing

from 55 AED
Upper Lip
from 45 AED
from 45 AED
from 35 AED
Full Face (Without Eyebrows)
from 120 AED
Full Face (With Eyebrows)
from 160 AED


from 95 AED
Additional Lashes
from 55 AED
from 95 AED


from 395/475 AED
Eye Make-up
from 160 AED
Bridal Hair and Make-up
on Consultation


Neck and Shoulder (15 minutes)
from 70 AED
Neck and Shoulder (30 minutes)
from 120 AED
Foot and Leg Massage (30 minutes)
from 130 AED


Bridal Hair and Make-up
Children’s Hair
Balmain, BeautyWorks and Great Lengths Hair Extensions
KeraStraight Permanent Hair Straightening
Retail Stockists of L’Oreal, Kérastase and KeraStraight and Redken
Professional Products used: L’Oreal, Redken and Olaplex


Best Salon in the Viva Beauty Awards 2013
Best Spray Tan in the Aquarius Beauty Heroes
Best Salon in the Sassy Mama Awards
Best Hair and Nail Beauty Salon - Dubai in the LUX
INTL Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2017
Favourite Hair Salon in what’s on Awards 2017
Co - Winner of Eideal-Santi Business Leadership Award 2017
Winner of Professional Beauty Business Director of the Year 2019
Professional Beauty Awards GCC 2021 - Hair and Beauty Salon of 2021
Professional Beauty Awards GCC 2021 - Lauren Wilkins is Manager of 2021

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