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Pastels Salon The Ritz-Carlton

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The Ritz-Carlton
United Arab Emirates

Monday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday 9:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm

Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm

About Pastels Salon The Ritz-Carlton

With chic interiors and décor that highlights nature’s finest, fun elements and attentive, happy staff, the award-winning Pastels Salon has become synonymous with a luxurious client journey.

Passionate about hair, nails and beauty, Pastels Salon is committed to ongoing education for its staff. Defined by its mission statement “To inspire, educate, learn, create and deliver beauty and outstanding services to one and all every day” the salon has curated a menu of the world’s most acclaimed hair and beauty treatments, which is delivered by an international, expertly trained staff to ensure your time in the salon (which we call the Pastels’ experience!) is one you will never forget and one you will be dying to repeat!

In an intimate space and offering a unique combination of outstanding service, caring staff and fabulous treatments, the pampering, relaxing experience Pastels’ clients enjoy during a salon visit transcends the ordinary and transforms even the most routine appointment into a special event, where every exquisite moment can be – and should be – savoured.

Pastels Salon Jumeirah - The flagship salon is housed in a large, luxury, chic and custom-built premises on Al Wasl Road. Offering the latest hair, nails and beauty treatments, it caters to its loyal female-only clientele. 

Pastels Salon The Ritz Carlton - This modern, upbeat branch offers hair services and beauty treatments including waxing and nails to its varied unisex clientele, which includes Dubai residents and tourists.

“I want our salon spaces to offer creative expertise, warmth, comfort and positive joyous energies – a space that embraces you & makes you feel at home” – Ruksher Malik, Co-Founder of Pastels Salon Dubai


COVID Aware Salon


Best Salon in the Viva Beauty Awards 2013
Best Spray Tan in the Aquarius Beauty Heroes
Best Salon in the Sassy Mama Awards
Best Hair and Nail Beauty Salon - Dubai in the LUX
INTL Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2017
Favourite Hair Salon in what’s on Awards 2017
Co - Winner of Eideal-Santi Business Leadership Award 2017
Winner of Professional Beauty Business Director of the Year 2019
Professional Beauty Awards GCC 2021 - Hair and Beauty Salon of 2021
Professional Beauty Awards GCC 2021 - Lauren Wilkins is Manager of 2021


(Prices vary as to level of stylist designation)
Cut and Blow-dry
from 210 to 470 AED
Wet Cut
from 315 to 415AED
from 255 to 530 AED
Up Style
on Consultation
Blow-dry S/M/L/EL
from 130/160/190/220 to 170/200/230/260 AED
Blast Dry
from 75 to 105 AED
Beach Waves/Tong
from 55 to 75 AED
Fringe Trim
from 30 to 65 AED
Girls and Boys (10yrs and Under)
from 95 to 180 AED
Girls (11-13)
from 150 to 310 AED
Girls (14-16)
from 210 to 360 AED
(Prices vary as to level of stylist designation)
Root Colour
from 300 to 380 AED
Root Emulsify
from 360 to 440 AED
Full Colour S/M/L
from 410/460/510 to 490/540/590 to 490/540/590 AED
INOA Roots
from 355 to 435 AED
INOA Roots Emulsify
from 410 to 490 AED
INOA Full Colour S/M/L/EL
from 460/510/565/610 to 540/590/645/690 AED
Full Head Bleach Roots/M/L/EL
from 420/630/840/1050 to 500/710/920/1130 AED
Colour Correction
on Consultation
Half Head Highlights S/M/L
from 225/310/360 to 590/645/665/715 AED
Full Head Highlights S/M/L
from 305/360/410 to 695/750/800/850 AED
T-Section Highlights S/M/L
from 200/230/255 to 485/540/590 AED
Few Highlights/Lowlights Face Frame
from 105 to 290 AED
Balayage / Ombre
on Consultation
Root Shadow - Colour Melt S/M/L/EL
from 120/170/220/270 to 180/230/280/330 AED
Toner Gloss
from 55 to 100 AED
Toner Gloss S/M/L/EL
from 105/160/210/260 to 170/225/275/325 AED
Toner (Stand Alone)
from 235 to 300 AED
Olaplex/Smartbond S/M/L/EL
from 95/145/195/225 to 95/145/195/225 AED
Olaplex Stand Alone S/M/L
from 210/270/320 to 210/270/320 AED
Hair Restructuring
KeraStraight on Consultation Intense Boost S/M/L
from 160/210/265 AED
Ultimate Boost S/M/L
from 310/420/475 AED
on Consultation
on Consultation
Hair Extensions
Great Lengths
on Consultation
Beauty Works
on Consultation
Crazy/Pastel/Jewel Colours (All in 16")
on Consultation
Removal of Extensions (Done at Pastels)
on Consultation
Removal of Extensions (Done in another salon)
on Consultation
Beauty Services
from 100/105 AED
from 115/120 AED
Combo (Mani + Pedi)/French
from 200/210 AED
Rehab Manicure/Pedicure
Spa Manicure/Pedicure
from 170/190 AED
Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure
from 340 AED
Shape and Polish Hands or Feet/French
from 60/65 AED
Mini Manicure/French
from 70/75 AED
Mini Pedicure/French
from 75/80 AED
Essie Couture Mini Manicure/Mini Pedicure
from 90/95 AED
Essie Couture Manicure/Pedicure/Combo
from 130/140/240 AED
Essie Couture French Manicure/French Pedicure
from 135/145 AED
Essie Gel, Gelish Manicure/Pedicure
from 180/190 AED
Gelish French Manicure/French Pedicure
from 190/200 AED
from 40 AED
from 20 AED
Brisa Acrylic/Gel
Natural New Set/French
from 350/445 AED
Overlay Natural/French
from 295/340 AED
Rebalance Natural/French
from 265/380 AED
from 235 AED
Acrylic Check-Up Gloss
from 125 AED
Nail Repair/French
from 35/45 AED
Enhancement Removal
from 105 AED
Bio Sculpture
Colour Overlay/Plus Extension
from 270/385 AED
Colour Refill
from 210 AED
French Overlay/Plus Extension
from 345/420 AED
French Refill
from 235 AED
Toes Colour/Toes French
from 300/315 AED
Gel Removal
from 75 AED
Repair Per Nail Natural/French
from 40/50 AED
Everlasting Manicure/Pedicure
from 180/190 AED
Lavender Base Treatment
from 185 AED
PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment (Hands - Single Use)
from 120 AED
PerfectSense Paraffin Treatment (Feet - Single Use)
from 130 AED
Miracle Callous Peel (Single Use)
from 120 AED
Nail Art (Per Nail)
from 25 AED
Spray Tanning (Home Service Available Only)
Individual Tan/Package of 5
from 200/945 AED
Fake Bake Tan/Express
from 200/230 AED
Leg Half/Three Quarter/Full
from 85/115/135 AED
Lycon Leg Half/Three Quarter/Full
from 95/125/145 AED
Arm Half/Three Quarter/Full
from 70/80/90 AED
Lycon Arm Half/Three Quarter/Full
from 85/100/115 AED
from 55 AED
Lycon Underarms
from 65 AED
Hot Wax Underarms
from 80 AED
Bikini Line
from 70 AED
Lycon Bikini Line
from 75 AED
Hot Wax Bikini Line
from 90 AED
Half Brazilian/Full
from 100/125 AED
Lycon Half Brazilian/Full
from 115/145 AED
Hot Wax Half Brazilian/Full
from 135/175 AED
Half Front or Back
from 60 AED
Lycon Half Front or Back
from 90 AED
Half Front and Back
from 115 AED
Lycon Half Front and Back
from 180 AED
Full Front or Back
from 100 AED
Lycon Full Front or Back
from 125 AED
Full Front and Back
from 195 AED
Lycon Full Front and Back
from 245 AED
Full Body/Full Legs/Full Arms/Bikini Line/Underarms
from 275 AED
Lyon Full Body/Full Legs/Full Arms/Bikini Line/Underarms
from 380 AED
Full Body/Full Legs/Full Arms/Underarms/Back/Front and Brazilian
from 510 AED
Lycon Full Body/Full Legs/Full Arms/Underarms/Back/Front and Brazilian
from 645 AED
from 15 AED
from 20 AED
Full Face Bleaching
from 90 AED
Threading and Waxing
from 50 AED
Lycon Eyebrows
from 55 AED
Upper Lip
from 35 AED
Lycon Upper Lip
from 40 AED
from 35 AED
Lycon Chin
from 45 AED
Lycon Nose
from 25 AED
from 40 AED
Lycon Sides
from 45 AED
Full Face (Without Eyebrows)
from 90 AED
Lycon Full Face (Without Eyebrows)
from 100 AED
Full Face (With Eyebrows)
from 135 AED
Lycon Full Face (With Eyebrows)
from 145 AED
from 65 AED
from 55 AED
Eyebrows and Eyelash
from 105 AED
Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow
Specialist/Senior Master
Upper Lashes/Lower Lashes
from 615/100 - 770/125 AED
from 295/340 AED
from 400/455 AED
Eyebrow Shape/Eyebrow Tidy
from 95/75-140/90 AED
Eyebrow Tint/Eyelash Tint
from 75/85 - 120 AED
Bridal Hair and Make-Up
on Consultation
from 395/475 AED
Eye Make-up
from 160 AED
Additional Lashes
from 55 AED
Bliss Head/Neck and Shoulder (15 mins)
from 70 AED
Bliss Head/Neck and Shoulder (30 mins)
from 120 AED
Foot and Leg Massage (30 mins)
from 130 AED
Gents Hair Hair
Men’s Cut
from 275 AED
Boys Cut (10 yrs. and under)
from 95 AED
Boys Cut (11 - 14 yrs.)
from 140 AED
Boys Cut (15 - 18 yrs.)
from 160 AED
from 265 AED
from 420 AED
from 120 AED
Gents Nails
from 120 AED
from 140 AED
Gents Waxing
Ear Wax
from 65 AED
Nose Wax
from 70 AED
Back Wax
from 210 AED
Chest Wax
from 210 AED


Credit/Debit Card Facilities
Valet Car Parking
Photographic Work
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