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Five box hair dyes later and my hair's a complete disaster, please help!

Simon Webster Hair


I have, and I accept stupidly, used several box hair colours, probably five in the last 14 days, to colour my hair. I first coloured it to a mousey brown, followed by slightly copper roots, and then a few days later some highlights that left more orange roots, so I immediately attempted a blonde all over.

The result is really bad orange roots and a very light strawberry blonde everywhere else, a complete disaster. I have made a salon appointment for later in the week, but any advice would be really appreciated.

My natural tone is a mousey dull brown/blonde. What at best will they be able to achieve. I would be happy with a beige/blonde, with some darker tones, as I have very light skin, but I don’t know if this will be achievable.

Thank you,

Anon, UK


The best plan is to ask for a full colour consultation and skin allergy test, which will be complimentary in any good salon. You'll be able to explain your full previous colour history, shades and brands used etc. The reason being that after using so many colours in only two weeks, it will be impossible to tell what effects a product will have on your hair without doing a patch test and a strand test.

The optimum performance of colour (i.e. when it looks exactly as it does on the sample) is when it's used on natural or 'virgin' hair. The more the hair has been processed and changed, the less sure you can be about how that the product will perform. The patch test will determine what use of colour is necessary to achieve your target colour. The strand test will indicate the strength of your hair and whether the condition would be damaged by the colouring process.

Because of the repeated colouring of your hair, this is technically a colour correction service, rather than a simple colour change, and so it should be handled with care.

Good luck.

Patrick Matthews, Senior Colourist and L'Oreal ID Artist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton