After I stripped my hair and dyed it, the colour has now gone far more redder than my natural colour, why is this?

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I have naturally ginger/auburn hair which I recently dyed purple and hated. I managed to strip the colour out of my hair and dye it a light auburn colour, however it has gone far redder than my natural colour.

Could you tell me as to why it has done this and how I can correct it?

Thank you,

Anon, Scotland

Naturally red hair is one of the most difficult colours to achieve artificially. Once it is coloured a different colour (darker or dramatically lighter) then you are going to have to get a professional with a keen eye for colour to match it as close as possible to your natural shade.

Now that the purple has been removed and it is in the red/auburn shade range, you could either let it fade in tone over time by shampooing it and just letting the pigment dull down, or have a consultation with a colourist who is good at correctional work and they should be able to help you get closer to what you need.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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