Can I get natural sun-kissed highlights without using bleach?

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Hi Hair Doctors,

I had a level 5 base on my hair with highlights and found it a little dark, so had my hair bleached. I am now a level 6 extra natural dark blonde and when it fades it feels too light.

I also want natural looking sun-kissed highlights but I keep getting told my hair has to be bleached, is this correct? My hair is in the worst condition it has ever been in and I don't think it can take any more bleaching.

What is the most natural looking colours in level 5 and 6?

Thank you,

Anon, UK

It’s true that it can be difficult to highlight over previously bleached hair especially as you already have a darker base, however I believe that anything is possible!  A suggestion may be to have soft lowlights through your hair with a slightly darker hue all over. I would definitely recommend going to a salon for a consultation so a technician can accurately assess your hair condition and your natural colouring to choose the best hue for you.  Regular treatments and a good haircut will help improve the condition. Treatments at HOB salons start from £5.50.

Faye Turner, HOB Salons’ Creative Colour Director  

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