How can I dip-dye my hair to a light blue colour?

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I had my hair dyed at the hairdresser, I was blonde/brown (that was also died).

I wanted to dip-dye it black on the top and really light blue on the bottom, but it’s come out a really dark turquoise. What do I need to do to it to make it the blue I want? 


Anon, UK

Blue is beautiful, but I have to say it is also the hardest colour to achieve and maintain. If your hair is in good enough condition and the turquoise area is not too sensitive then what has to be done is this.

First it needs to be bleached until palest yellow which looks almost white. Then you need to apply your chosen blue hair colour over the top and let it develop. Crazy colour or LaRiche Directions are great for this.

Blue will fade super quickly from the hair due to the nature of the pigment so you will have to be prepared to redo it (maybe weekly). 

Remember that good conditioned hair looks the best and shows off a great colour so use the best colour care shampoos and conditioners you can get.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London

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