How can I remove blonde peroxide?

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I recently lost a bet to my dad in which he made me dye my hair blonde. We used some sort of peroxide that you can buy from a store, and I'm nearly positive we did not dye the roots!

How can I now get rid of this blonde colour?


Jake, St Louis

Hi Jake,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I think there are some lessons to be learned here and the first one would be; never, ever bet against your Dad.

In regards to how to get your hair back to normal you have two choices:

1. If you have not dyed the roots, have a short grade all over. I have recently done this and it's great for this time of year.

2. Go to a colourist at a reputable colour salon. Here they will give you a consultation, take samples, do porosity tests, incompatibility tests, etc. Your hair will possibly need to have a pre-pigment treatment on it before the hair is coloured.

I would strongly recommend you go to a salon instead of doing a home colour. Your hair will be damaged already and the last thing you would want is an allergic reaction to the colour.

Good luck and if you would like any more advice please email [email protected]

Many thanks,

Daniel Davies, General Manager at Pall Mall Barbers, London 

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