I have been using Just for Men for many years now but itÕs not covering my grays that well. WhatÕs the best thing to do now?

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Hi there,

I have a grey birth mark on my head which I have been dying since I was 18 using Just For Men. I’m now 40 and have more grey hairs that I want to hide and make it look natural. I have found that Just For Men looks ginger on grey hair. Will this be different if I go to a salon? What’s the best thing to do now?

Anon, UK

Firstly you need to decide what is best for you, when guys have an all over colour the maintenance of keeping the hair that colour is quite high. If your hair is going grey is this disguising your birthmark? If this is the case it may be time for a silver fox to shine through. Grey/Silver haired men are a fair bit more stylish now with famous figures such as George Clooney, Paul Weller and Matt Le Blanc all showing of their silver locks. If you have a good haircut that suits your face shape that you can maintain and style yourself without any issues, then this will give you the confidence to throw away any dye bottle.

Despite this you may still want to colour your hair, if so this may help you.

I would always recommend that when having any colour done that you go to a reputable colour technician. This is for several reasons, the main one being that the colour is then tailored to what you need. When colouring white/grey hair you will need to have what is known as a base colour added to your colour, this allows the colour to grab on to your hair. When purchasing a “shop brought colour” this is made on mass so is not tailored to your hairs needs. A good colour technician will give you a complimentary consultation. With this the colour technician will do a skin test to see if you react to the colour. They will also take a small amount of hair so they can test the colour on your hair. This checks to see if the colour is compatible (some shop brought colours contain metallic salts, if these are on your hair it is really essential that this is found before going ahead with a full head colour). They may try different peroxides, colour and base combinations or may even look at pre-pigmenting the hair to avoid any unwanted tones coming through.

The style of the hair and how you wear it would also have a massive factor on how quick the regrowth shows. For example if you have a quiff at the front of your hair, your hairline is immediately exposed for people to see your regrowth. A textured loose haircut will disguise the hairlines. Again a good barber will talk through your options with you and go through some pictures of what is best suited for you.

Thanks for your question and if you need any other advice please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Kind regards,

Daniel Davies, General Manager of Pall Mall Barbers, London

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