I have recently had my hair dyed but it is starting to look tacky

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My hair colour is a natural mousey brown but for years I have dyed it dark brown, although the end of last year I thought it would be a good idea to dip-dye my hair.

I have recently had my hair dyed again but this time I had half a head of blonde and brown highlights put in, as suggested by my hairdresser as I'm wanting to go lighter which she also said would blend in. However my hair is starting to look tacky and I don't know the best thing to do to make it lighter and the same colour all the way down.

Please help!

Thank you,

Anon, UK

There will be many people who are going to be asking a similar question soon, because eventually when the dip-dye trend ends they will be in the same situation.

Obviously dip-dye makes the hair very uneven in colour and as the ends are lighter they will also unfortunately be more porous. This leaves us with the problem of when wanting to even up the colour (whether lighter or darker) of how to make it the same from roots to ends. I think the best way for you to go is to stick with your stylist and over time the big difference in colour you are still seeing should be blended away with the highlights and lowlights that are applied. It is a sort of blend and banish regime.

Just keep in mind that the ends are going to be quite damaged so a good cut and lots of treatments and tlc will keep the hair looking its best.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Hi 'Anon',

I'd suggest going for an all-over colour with an oil base rather than ammonia to give your hair a break from the chemicals and let it 'rest' for a while. Something like L'Oreal's INOA in a dark blonde would be best.

Alice Gazagnes, Senior Stylist & Colourist, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

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