I recently went from dark brown to blonde but it went wrong!

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I previously went from dark brown to blonde but it went wrong. The top part of my hair and roots went white and the bottom and ends went a red colour. I went to the hairdressers the next day to get it sorted in which they put a dark brown/blonde semi-permanent through it that looks rather gingery.

I have since had high and lowlights put through my hair. The top part is nice and blonde but the ends are still a pale pink colour. How can I fix this?

Ashley, Glasgow

If the ends of your hair are pinkish red, even after the colouring to get you blonde then you have got what we colourists call 'cuticle stain'. This is where from years of having dark colours applied to the hair it becomes saturated with dye and can't be thoroughly removed even with strong bleach.

The only way to fight this is to chop them off. Toners can help to a point but scissors are the best option to be rid of them for good.

John Clarke at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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