I'm looking for a low maintenance way to dye my greys but with a product that isn't going to effect when I go and get highlights

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I'm looking for a low maintenance way to dye my greys but with a product that isn't going to effect when I go and get highlights. My hairdresser asks me if my hair is untreated.

Is the anything you can recommend? Should I use a semi-permanent colour or will this cause highlighting issues? And should it be the same colour as my highlights?

Thank you,

Faith, London

Hello Faith,

If you colour just your roots with a high-lift tint and then put highlights through each month, you shouldn't have any problems. But if you go for an all-over colour, even if it's a semi-permenant, there could be issues with the lifting of the bleach when you get the highlights done especially if it's a regular service.

Always make sure your hairdresser knows what you're putting on your hair though because if you colour your hair at home it will effect the finished tones you get from the in-salon treatments.

Alice Gazagnes, Senior Stylist & Colourist, Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

I have clients that worry about their roots coming through before they see me for their next appointment and I always give them a couple of pieces of advice.

If you can, find a root cover-up stick or similar sort of product. These are an effective way of masking the grey without actually colouring it and messing around with what your stylist has done. They can be purchased online and come in a variety of shades, I would always recommend you use a lighter tone rather than a darker one. 

If this is not what you are looking for, I would ask whether your stylist would be able to tint your hairline and parting. I have a number of people who I do this for if they can't cope with seeing the white. This is a great way of keeping the greys at bay and shouldn't be too costly.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Hi Faith,

I completely understand your dilemma, I definitely would not use any semi-permanent colours as these do not cover grey/white hair permanently and could play havoc when you have your highlights applied.

There is now a new colour on the market which covers grey/white hair perfectly, it’s called ‘Silky’ and is available from a few good salons. The colour you should use on your grey/white roots should mach the rest of your hair colour and not the highlighted colour. Using a semi-permanent would definitely create an issue with your highlights.

Blondes have more fun!

I hope this helps,

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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