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Why does my hair become extremely greasy very quickly?


Good afternoon,

My hair becomes extremely greasy very quickly. For example I can wash my hair at 7pm and by 12pm the following afternoon it's already showing signs of grease. I am careful not to put conditioner on the roots and avoid over touching it. Can you provide any advice or products which could help please?

Many Thanks,

Anon, UK

Good Afternoon.

Greasy hair comes from the sebaceous gland, which lies directly under your scalp feeding your hair and scalp with natural oil.

From what you have written, it sounds like your sebaceous glands work over time. This could be due to several reasons including your diet, your lifestyle and alcohol intake, as well as not getting enough fresh air or living or working in a centrally heated environment. All these factors can cause hair to go greasy faster than normal. It could also be due to a hormone imbalance. Do you take any medication?  Does your scalp get greasier on specific times of the month?

If that is the case then you need to see your doctor who can prescribe you helpful medications or change the ones you take. It would be interesting to know how long it has been since you started having this scalp condition.

There are some products on the market that can help, but there is no actual cure for it. I enclose a link from Philip Kingsley, one of the top Trichologists in the world:

Here is another link to a product that will help to reduce the oiliness:

Alternatively, there are two more products that I can recommend. Kerastase produce a special Shampoo that helps reduce grease - Specifique Bain Clarfiant Shampoo:

Clynol produce a Powder Punch, which is a powder that adds volume to your hair and soaks up the grease on the scalp. It is not sold to help greasy hair, but it’s something I have used myself when I needed to get ready quickly and had no time to wash my hair. It instantly lifted my hair and also seemed to take the grease from my scalp. This is not a treatment but a quick easy to use product for a quick solution:

If the above links do not work for you, I suggest that you change your diet. Eat more vegetables, and if you drink alcohol drink less, or try not to drink it for a week and see if that helps. It is logical that what you put into your body will keep your body healthy, as well as your scalp.

I would also like to mention that without seeing you personally, and I do not know any of your personal history, the above is only a suggestion. However I do believe strongly that ‘what you eat is what you are’. Please check what you eat and what you drink!

Having said that, there is something you can do immediately without having to buy any products. Wash your hair daily with a gentle shampoo and after rinsing the shampoo off, use cold water to rinse the hair and scalp really well, cooling the scalp. By rinsing the hair with cold water it will help to close the hair follicles, your scalp will feel tighter and therefore reduces the oil flowing from your over reacting sebaceous glands. 

It’s also important to know that warm air from dryers can encourage the oil to flow quicker on to your scalp. Also do not use conditioners of any kind, these soften the scalp and encourage the oils to flow faster from your sebaceous glands. 

I don’t know how long your hair is but consider having a new short haircut, it will be easier to look after and it will dry faster. You may just find that you feel and look much better after.

I do hope that this helps you and you find the reason why your scalp goes greasy so fast.

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester


This is something we come across very often. I know it sounds too simple but have you tried a dry shampoo? These are great for a quick fix in the short term and are very easy to use.

In the long term I would suggest making sure the shampoo/conditioner you are using are not too heavy for your hair as this can lead to it feeling limp a lot quicker. Wella SP have a range of products called ‘Regulate' which could be of help to you.

Also over cleansing the hair can actually be counterproductive, so I would try and shampoo less often, even if that means starting out by doing it at the weekend. I know this sounds uncomfortable but your scalp will regulate its oil production and your hair will be much stronger as a bonus.

I hope this helps. 

Trae at browns, Dumfries