Would a perm be advisable and is it OK on coloured hair?

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I have been colouring my hair for many years now and as I am significantly grey I chose the blonde option. I have been thinking of getting my hair permed to give it some volume and movement as I have very straight hair and would like to know if this is something that is not advisable.

I had perms many years ago and they never lasted more than a week - yes a week. Have things improved or should I just accept my straight hair? Also is it OK to perm coloured hair?

Thank you,

Lisa, London

Hi Lisa,
To answer your question, it's never good to perm coloured hair as it is so drying on the hair, so I wouldn't advise it at all. if you do decide to go for it, make sure both the perm and the colour is done in-salon as that way you can limit the potential damage to your hair.

Alice Gazagnes, Stylist & Colourist at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton

This is a good question and I have been asked it many times. As we age and our hair changes it often loses volume and thickness which can be tricky when it comes to styling it. Perms haven't really changed since the 1980's, the manufacturers may have added different conditioners and ingredients but on the whole they are the same. 

If you have recently had a major colour change from brunette to blonde then your hair may be a little dry and I would advise strongly against having any sort of perming treatment. Colouring hair as we all know is a little drying on the hair, combine that with a perm and we are talking quite a bit of damage (even when there are perm solutions for coloured or highlighted hair). 

Why don't you try to change your shampoo and styling regime to involve more volumising products? If you find the right styling lotions and equipment it should really help!

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

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