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Create a Great Salon Atmosphere

Creating the perfect atmosphere within your salon or workspace is guaranteed to keep business thriving.

Whether you are salon based or freelance, it is essential that you create a relaxing, comfortable space for your clients to ensure they continue to come back to you. From music and lighting to staff morale, we’ve got a few ideas to help ensure your environment is a positive experience for all.

Welcoming your clients

First impressions are everything. Ensure you greet your client upon arrival and welcome them into your workspace. Client consultations are key, and so is keeping the client informed and up to date on the services being provided. You can also offer additional extras such as a selection of drinks, maybe even food, magazines or iPads, or by providing them with wipes and cleansers to ensure they are able to prepare for certain treatments. 

Sensory experience

When creating the perfect salon atmosphere, it's important to consider all your client’s senses. Music, lighting, and scents all play a huge part in creating an enjoyable atmosphere for clients. Dimming the lights where appropriate, playing different moods of music for busy and quiet periods, and even lighting candles or using diffusers to fill the space with beautiful scents can all add to the client’s experience with you.

Space and privacy

It is vital that clients feel relaxed and comfortable during their salon visit. To ensure this, try to make every treatment area as spacious as possible and avoid conducting more than one treatment at a time. If space allows, you can also offer VIP and private areas for those clients that require more privacy or who just want a little more peace with their treatment.

Staff morale

Staff morale may seem unrelated to the ambience of your salon however, the happiness of your team plays a huge role in ensuring a positive working atmosphere. Prioritising the happiness of your staff will ensure they exude positivity and this, in turn, will allow them to fulfil their roles to the best of their ability. Ensure your staff aren’t overworked or stressed; the hair and beauty industry is a busy one and it’s easy for professionals to feel the pressure.