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Sounds Like a (Marketing) Plan….

Planning and preparing a marketing calendar are something that all salons, large and small, should do.

You would be amazed at how many salons leave their marketing to chance, thinking it’s OK to do a few Facebook posts or leave a few leaflets lying about the salon. Today, when clients have so much choice, making sure you are marketing your salon is so important. Letting clients know what you are doing, new services you are offering and why you stand out from the crowd should be second nature. 

Many salons are unsure of where to start, and a good place to start is by looking at the peaks and troughs you have throughout the year – times when client numbers and turnover dip, often around the summer holiday time or in November (pre-Christmas). These months are the ones that you need to attract clients to come in and you need to be planning for this – long before they happen. This is when your marketing plan comes into play. 

Also look at key dates in the diary – Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Back to School, events that are local to your town or city – add them all into your plan. You don’t need to go into overdrive and include every little event but looking at what’s happening and plan accordingly. Creating a really exciting retail display, a special Mother’s or Father’s Day promotion or offering free back to school haircuts when mum or dad book in for a full price haircut in the two weeks before the school term starts again can increase client loyalty and encourage clients to visit you in the quieter summer months (and a great way to keep younger stylists busy and build their confidence).

It doesn’t have to be about offering discounts all the time. There are many clients who have no brand loyalty and just look for the next discount. You must expect this when you discount and look at it as a way of generating income. If you offer the impeccable service and standards of hairdressing you’ve built up a reputation for, then there’s a good chance you can win these discount shoppers over and convert them to becoming one of your regular clients. Added value, building columns, rewarding loyal clients, and targeting new clients are all part of your marketing mix. By putting together a plan or creating a marketing calendar you can develop your business during down times, showcase your skills and reward your clients for their loyalty.

There’s also online marketing - e-shots, SEO, and social media posts that can be boosted to target your chosen market for a minimal amount of money. There’s so much that you can do, and with manufacturers providing superb marketing material, a strong marketing plan can come together very easily. 

Don’t just leave marketing to chance – put together a plan and reap the benefits of it when it all comes together.