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Tips to Attract the Next Generation of Talent

Small businesses can offer great early career opportunities for the next generation. You don’t need to be a big brand to attract talent, there are plenty of tactics you can use to help connect you to the right employee…
Reach students from a young age 

Students start to consider their career options from year 9 onwards, and so years 9-10 are a great time to talk to them about apprenticeship opportunities. Students find career advisors and online content to be their top resources when exploring careers, so consider working directly with schools and make sure your website and social media contains plenty of details on an apprenticeship with your business.  

Use peer-to-peer content 

Students value the experiences of their peers and enjoy hearing from current apprentices about their experience. Make use of your current apprentices and how they can help you showcase your apprenticeship opportunities and inspire potential employees. See if your current apprentices would be happy to contribute their voices to your website, social media, and video content? 

Show what it’s really like to work with you 

It is important to give potential apprentices a taste of what working within your business is like, and to provide them with what an apprenticeship with you entails and the journey they will be embarking on. Showing what a day in the life of an apprentice with you is like can really help build a picture of your business. You can also make use of open days, as well as offering opportunities for work experience and shadowing. 

Describe the long-term career prospects with your business 

Students want job security and to know that they have long-term career prospects with your business. When showcasing what it is like to be an apprentice with you, make sure you portray the opportunity to develop a lasting career with you and beyond - giving examples of previous apprentices who have gone on to develop their own successful careers. 

Avoid jargon 

When advertising to potential apprentices, keep the language that you use clear and easy to understand. Using jargon can overwhelm students, adding to their anxiety as they navigate the process of applying for an apprenticeship with you. Make sure all information is clear and easy for them to follow.

Promote opportunities in places your audience already does research 

When advertising for apprentices, use platforms and websites that students already use to find apprenticeships and career opportunities. One of the biggest frustrations students face is having to use multiple resources to find apprenticeship information and apply for roles.