A Proud Announcement at Simon Webster Hair

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Congratulations to Simon Webster Hair team member, Sophie and her transition from salon assistant to stylist!

Sophie has been a member of Simon Webster Hair since 2013, and although already qualified as a hairstylist, she undertook an assisting role to enhance her experience and skills before taking to the floor ‘proper’.

But now the SWH Team are proud to announce that Sophie has opened up her schedule to take on appointments and is flourishing in her new role as an SWH home-grown Junior Stylist.

To celebrate her fantastic achievement and amazing talents with a pair of scissors, she is charging special, limited-time-only Junior Rates before she moves to a full-priced stylist role in March.

With her prices starting from £20, it’s a bargain! You can find her rates listed on the salon website or by calling SWH Team reception on 01273 60 55 77.

Book in for a complimentary colour or cutting consultation with Sophie at Simon Webster Hair and see what all the fuss is about for yourself – she’s gonna be a star!

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