Amy-Nuala from Ciente on her Talent Scout Entry

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Hair magazine caught up with Talent Scout runner-up, Amy-Nuala from Ciente to talk about what inspired her to enter the Hair Awards, her career to date and future ambitions....

How did you come to enter Talent Scout?

"Our artistic director and salon director suggested that I should enter. They thought it would be a great opportunity for me to be involved, as they know that I am very passionate and devoted to what I do."

Give us a brief bio of your hairdressing career to date

"I started at Ciente nearly two years ago as an assistant. It was a very busy, welcoming and friendly salon! I started my training in September 2013 at Arrocca Hairdressing Academy, where I attended every Monday to complete my NVQ Level 2. Being only a first year apprentice at the time, I was put forward to be involved with events such as Manchester Hair Pro Live, the British Hairdressing Awards and photographic competitions. This enabled me to see the amount of variation the industry could give a hairdresser for a career and I loved every minute of it. In my second year, I was able to present at the Fellowship’s Members Night and other various competitions, such as being a finalist for UK Student of the Year, as well as building up a client base starting with blow-dries and up-dos in the salon."

Explain your entry to us – what inspired your Talent Scout look?

"I chose Glastonbury as my inspiration for my Talent Scout look. I saw Glastonbury as an event that was so diverse in many different ways. It’s a festival where people can express themselves and their love of music, which I thought was key as I feel that my team and I express ourselves and our love for hair everyday in the salon too! At the time of Glastonbury, summer is also in full swing and the festival is exciting, fun, vibrant and full of energy, so I wanted to express that in my look by using lots of iridescent colours that were going to stand out in the crowd. I am a big fan of Angelo Seminara and he creates a lot of prints and patterns on the hair, which inspired me to create coloured hair pieces using a tie-dye technique which I then added to the hair. I also created a smaller braid at the front of the model’s head which went around the whole perimeter to give the illusion that the braid behind appeared bigger. I wanted to create something that was going to give impact and be current, but not too extravagant. Daryl (my model) had an outfit that was inspired by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld and his protest led by Cara Delevingne closing Paris Fashion Week. I added a leather jacket and big black boots to collaborate with her stunning and very current tattoos to give more of a grunge feel."

What are your plans for the coming year?

"I have just recently completed my NVQ Level 2, so will be trying to focus on building up a good client base. I also hope to gain as much experience as I can in competitions, photographic and show work, and at some point hope to be able to take my Goldwell Colour Masters. I’m always busy, busy, busy!"

What is the dream – where would you like to be in ten years time?

"In ten years time I hope to be a busy award-winning stylist mentoring other apprentices in the same way that our artistic director has mentored me. In just two years I’ve achieved so much and have had so much fun and so many amazing, unforgettable experiences, so I hope to be able to give others the same and show them that there is a whole other side to hairdressing that not everyone realises!"

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