An Iconic Day for browns’ Head Stylist

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Head stylist at browns, Dumfries and Lockerbie, Trae Corbett, spent the day with Neil Moodie in the heart of London on his Iconic course.

The day kicked off with Neil discussing where he draws his inspiration from, with reference to his latest cover work for Vogue Japan where he created a unique festival inspired style. Neil showed the audience his mood board which included looks from the 90’s grunge era, Native American Indian photography by Edward S Curtis, and most notably a lot of heavily featured images from photographer Corrine day and model Kate Moss. Along with the mood board, Neil showed a documentary on Boy George, ‘the 70s saved me from suburbia', which gave an amazing insight to his journey through fashion.

It was all of these influences that led Neil to buying the heaviest, thickest wool sourced from Finland, which he used to create colourful braids for the Vogue Cover. This was Neil’s way of helping the stylists to delve into their creative brain space, presenting them with a table full of accessories from wool, rope and slides to bands, feathers and more.

The next 90 minutes saw Trae creating a style she wouldn’t normally be able to. She says,

I was feeling the 'flock of seagulls' meets Native American Indian vibe and so my look was born.

After lunch, the group returned with the focus of creating a short haircut that could be photographed 360 degrees without any cutting – no faux bobs or simple slick back looks allowed! Trae explained,

This was a real brain buster and I ended up creating a short wedge inspired shape on attempt two.

Speaking of her iconic day with Neil Moodie, Trae said,

All in all the day really showed me how to push forward with inspirations and outside the box thinking. I’m feeling fresh and excited to create more in-salon magic. It was an absolutely fantastic thought provoking day.

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