Angel Hair Salon - Helping Clients Who Have Been Distressed By Hair Loss

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Elizabeth Jay of Angel Hair in Lurgan, County Armagh knows from personal experience just how upsetting hair loss can be.

Elizabeth adds of her past experience,

When I was in my 20s I spent two years in San Francisco where weave hair extensions were all the rage. They are put in so tightly that you are in pain for 3 or 4 days after and I only discovered when it was too late that they are really bad for your hair. They were causing baldness at the side of my head and I was getting more extensions to hide the damage and of course they were causing even more damage, it was like a vicious circle.

It wasn't until Elizabeth found herself on a hair course in London that she discovered Clip-in hair extensions, a much safer technique than to weaving. Now with her own salon Angel Hair, Elizabeth specialises in wigs, custom made hair pieces, Clip-in Hair Extensions, Exclusive Micro Ring Hair Extensions, and Custom made Lace Enhancers, all which help clients who have been distressed by hair loss. Elizabeth stated,

Hair loss is a heart breaking condition. Your hair is your crown and glory, and if your hair isn't sitting right you don’t feel good, so you can imagine how it feels to lose your hair.

Elizabeth’s range of hair enhancements have now become so popular that she can count Christine Bleakley and Lynda Bryans amongst previous clients, both of which have wore Angel Hair's range of Clip-in Hair Extensions. Elizabeth also boasts a strong clientele of all ages and from all over Northern Ireland, each coming to Angel Hair for their life changing experience.

Elizabeth’s new bespoke hair pieces are made using French lace and are made to fit the individual and blend in beautifully with their natural hair, for more information call 028 3832 6699.


Photography: Liam McBurney at Razorpix

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