Anti-Ageing Skincare for Hair

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Mature hair needs an expert! As with our skincare and lifestyle, haircare should change as we grow older. Schwarzkopf Professional understand that and are launching BC Excellium Q10+, a range designed to turn back the clock and perfectly meet the needs of mature hair, giving it the lease of life it deserves.

The lifestyle of mature women has changed over the past 20 years – nowadays these women want to live their lives to the fullest. They know exactly what they want and have high expectations. Despite this, as we get older our hair structure changes and loses elasticity and strength. Whether it’s been put through a lifetime of lengthy hair colour appointments and hours of styling, or never been touched - ageing hair can seem coarse, porous and thinner.

The new BC Excellium Q10+ range has something to suit every mature woman, and has been formulated with Q10+ - usually found in skincare. This acts as the main foundation ingredient, stimulating keratin production in the roots and giving the hair a youthful vitality and strength. The three ranges target three different hair types that emerge as a sign of ageing; BC Excellium Q10+ Pearl, Collagen and Omega 3.

BC Excellium Q10+ Pearl beautifies silver and white hair
Naturally grey hair can be dull and a little lifeless. It needs special care as yellow tones and porous hair structure can leave hair feeling unloved. BC Excellium Q10+ Pearl beautifies mature hair using pearl extracts to neutralize those pesky yellow tones and add a wealth of shine!

BC Excellium Q10+ Collagen plumps and protects the colour of fine, mature hair
Mature, coloured hair loses keratin over time, making it thinner and weaker. BC EXCELLIUM Q10+ Collagen restores volume to fine hair by allowing collagen to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen the hair structure. The range helps to enhance the fullness and body of limp mature hair, while protecting the hair colour at the same time.

BC Excellium Q10+ Omega 3 tames and protects the colour of coarse, mature hair
As mature coloured hair can be coarse and dry over time, it needs special, intensive care. The addition of Omega 3 to the BC Excellium Q10+ range can help. This essential fatty acid – more commonly found in food – nourishes the hair and dazzles with its extraordinary anti-ageing effect. This smoothes the hair’s surface, restoring a healthy glow and making it more manageable.  

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