Blonde is More than Just a Hair Colour Ð ItÕs an Attitude and a Passion!

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This May Schwarzkopf Professional has launched two new highlighting shades: Warm Gold and Cool Rosé, as part of the BLONDME range. BLONDEME now lightens up to five levels and these striking shades can even be used on dark hair in just one single-step application!

Supporting the innovative launch, Schwarzkopf Professional presents two new services: BLONDME Lights, including the Shimmer Lights, a service which uses the exciting two new shades, as well as Pastel Lights, a service which celebrates the current BLONDME nuances - for an incredible range of striking shimmers and delighted customers.

Nobody gushes as much about the lightest of hair colours as globally renowned stylist Kim Vo, "There’s a special place in my heart for blondes.” For Kim, blonde will always be a work of art. He feels the newly launched Warm Gold and Cool Rosé highlight shades perfectly complement the existing BLONDME range.

Today we don’t just talk about whether a hair colour is warm or cool; both can shine beautifully together when adapted to suit individual tastes.

Shimmer Lights and Pastel Lights both subtly blend different blonde tones, which melt into one another and create a refined golden glow. Shimmer Lights catches the light on darker base colours creating a dazzling effect, while Pastel Lights defines lighter blondes in soft tones that give the hair a new lease of life. The two new exciting BLONDME shades don’t just offer new opportunities; they also guarantee a reliably consistent colour result – and this applies even to dark and coloured hair.

The new Highlighting shade formula now also contains moringa oleifeira, which nourishes and conditions the hair during colouring. As with all BLONDME colourants, stylists also have a range of additional products to choose from to perfect each look. The Pre-Lift Kera Protector will prepare the hair for the coloration process and protect the hair structure before and during lightening. After colouring, the BLONDME Colour Correction Spray Conditioner Cool Ice will neutralize unwelcome warm tones and nourish the hair, leaving it looking shiny and healthy.

The incredible variety of BLONDME colours and innovative in-salon products is the reason Kim Vo has developed such a passion for BLONDME. He says,

I don’t know any other brand that has dedicated itself so utterly to blonde. BLONDME’s colours and products will unmistakably turn any blonde into sheer blonde perfection.

Kim Vo is the blonde expert for celebrities, fashion shows, film features and magazine productions. Kim has been a Global Ambassador for BLONDME by Schwarzkopf Professional since 2014.

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