Carl Bembridge X Monroe Hair

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The team at Monroe Hair & Beauty in Southwick recently welcomed celebrity stylist and wig maker, Carl Bembridge to the salon.

Carl paid a visit to Monroe to help out one very luck lady who is a special client of the salon, Lisa Edgar – who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for stage 3 breast cancer. Monroe salon owner, Lisa Brady raised £2,000 with the help of her local community in paying for Carl Bembridge to create and fit a custom-made wig for Lisa.

The beautiful wig was made from 100% human hair to give the most natural looking results. Speaking on her new hair, Lisa Edgar said,

I'm currently undergoing six months of chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer and this wig has changed my life, you would not believe it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Carl, you are such a lovely person and amazing at what you do. Another big thank you to Lisa Brady at Monroe, of whom none of this would be possible.

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