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The Click N Curl Blowout Brush Set is the go-to gadget in salons for creating A-list worthy volume and curls quickly and easily.

Available in four sizes, from extra small to large, Click N Curl’s signature click on/off handle and detachable ceramic vented barrels transform virtually any hair length into loose-flowing curls.

Additionally, Click N Curl has incredible retail potential. Clients in the chair will love the look of the colourful brush and the effects created, and they can be coached in home use during appointments.

Slick packaging has significant shelf appeal and makes for a strong retail proposition. The four sizes are showcased in a quartet of rich jewel colours. High gloss finishes, bold graphics and a striking model shot complete the revamp. Revised full set and expansion pack contents make Click N Curl even more of a must-have with easy glamour continuing to be the dominant force in high fashion hair.

Click N Curl…
  • Concept delivers salon quality blowouts quickly and easily
  • Softer, longer bristles ensure the barrels stay put once positioned
  • Flat bottom barrel design allows for easy handle connection
  • Ceramic coated barrels create smooth, shiny hair with volume
  • Easy grip ergonomic universal handle fits all barrel sizes
  • High gloss packaging boasts bold graphics and eye-catching colours

Each Click N Curl Blowout Brush Set contains a universal handle, five identically sized barrels and three hair clips.

Each Click N Curl Blowout Brush Set Expansion Kit contains three identically sized barrels, plus a branded travel bag making for a customisable experience, and a ‘mash-up’ of curl sizes

Click N Curl is not only a set of brushes that gives my clients amazing volume and curl; it also helps them to maintain their style. I also love using Click N Curl on myself, it makes blowouts so easy. We are all walking about with bouncy locks achieved by such a simple trick...

Click N Curl is now a staple part of my session kit and definitely makes my life as a session stylist much easier - creating volume without the need for extra rollers or tongs. Such a great idea… I love them! Cinta Miller, music and celebrity hairstylist

Contact Rob Young for more information on 0208 255 2111, and for usage tips head to

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