ClubStar Art Team 2016 Start Their Experience

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It was an exciting day for six individuals on Monday 18th January, as they made their way to the Billi Currie salon in London for their first day as the ClubStar Art Team.

Debbie G was on hand to develop their confidence in Presentation Skills and, after an overview into her own career, she invited Amy Russell, Russell and Brown’s Vintage Hair; Jack Sanderson, The Industry Salon; Michael Rackett, Rush Centrale; Ollie Mehra, Th1 Hair; Ryan Charlie Humpage, Rush Hair in Epsom; and Scarlett Constable, Nicola Smyth Award Winning Hair to present their ‘About Me’ mood board. Each Team member had prepared these in advance, which gave a great insight into their own backgrounds while demonstrating their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to presenting.

It was then an opportunity to reflect on these initial presentations, with Debbie G giving further guidance and expertise in aspects such as preparation, wording, body language and how to control nerves.

The afternoon saw the Team undertake various exercises to enhance their skills. Working individually and in pairs it was an opportunity to really understand what makes a good preparation, while also providing the chance to bond with each other. Repetition of these exercises allowed the Team to continue to improve, and ensure preparation for their upcoming stage shows.

It was a fantastic day and it was clear from the beginning the enthusiasm from this young Team. Scarlett Constable, Nicola Smyth Award Winning Hair, said,

I was excited but apprehensive about today, but after spending the day with Debbie G I feel so much more comfortable and confident in speaking in front of others. I've learnt new skills that are really going to help me with all the exciting opportunities we have as part of this Team and in my own personal and professional life.

Project Leader Joseph Ferraro said,

What a brilliant start for the Team! Debbie G really encouraged them throughout the day and enhanced the existing skills they already possessed in preparation for their stage shows. It was great to see how keen they were to learn and I am really looking forward to guiding them and watching them grow over the year.

All event photography by Kain Lawrence

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