ClubStar Art Team With Karine Jackson & Organic Colour Systems

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The ClubStar Art Team got together with their mentor Simon Tuckwell this week to spend the day exploring colour with the President of the Fellowship, Karine Jackson at Organic Colour Systems in Lymington.

Their day began with colour techniques and model looks, demonstrated by colour genius Karine. She talked the team through her iconic colour techniques from past collections and prepared live models to demonstrate to the team how to recreate them.

She set the team a task to work on a model in pairs, giving their model a consultation before using a colour swatch to identify which tones suit their complexion in order to achieve the best result. They identified the hair type before doing an elasticity test to choose the correct treatment for applying the colour.

However, not only would this be a day of hairdressing with Karine, but the team were also taken on a tour of the Organic Colour Systems factory. The brand uses the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals, source their ingredients ethically, work on recycling and protecting the environment, as well as being ammonia and animal cruelty-free. The team were taught the ins and outs of how a green company works and how they create their products. From the opportunities and benefits involved with using a green colour range to the creation process in the lab, they were educated on every step and aspect and left with a better understanding of where products come from and how they are made.

My eyes have been opened to friendly and green products! I was surprised at how well the colour range worked during Karine’s demonstration and it was great to see the range in action. It’s comforting to know that we can use an environmentally friendly product and still give our clients 100% satisfaction, says team member Joe Stoker from Dare Hair Design.

It was amazing at how inspiring the ClubStar Art Team were, says Karine, They’re all so engaged within the industry and constantly asked me questions which was great to see. Organic colouring and switching to eco-friendly options is something I am incredibly passionate about. We really need to think about what goes into our products and how we can reduce our carbon emissions – unfortunately our industry has been slow on the uptake!

Photography by Herb UK

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