ClubStar Art Team X HOB Salons

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The second mentoring day for The ClubStar Art Team was with Jake Unger and Sean Nolan from HOB on Monday 20th February.

The day started with a look at how colour shadowing can dramatically change the overall look. Sean took The ClubStar Art Team through how to use a shadow of light and dark to enhance their colouring, while Jake demonstrated a beautiful haircut. Jake worked with varying graduation techniques and he took the time to educate on how to work with the face shape in both texturizing and style.

After a quick lunch break everyone returned to The Alan d Academy for a chance to work on an aspect of hairdressing they wanted more education in. The team chose to work on a graduated bob - an interactive part of the day with Jake using this time to create a stunning look that was also feminine and soft.

Clare Hatherill, from Elizabeth and Giovanni's, said,

Wow what a brilliant day. It was amazing to have the chance to gain such an insight into how Jake and Sean work as a team. We all felt so much more confident in cutting and colouring after all the tips they gave us and it was brilliant to see how much they bounce off each other. I can’t wait to take everything back to the salon.

All event photography by Oly Eastwell

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