Colour that Gives Beards the Razor Edge

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Sens.ùs is taking colour on the chin with the very first salon only colour that builds on the ever-growing phenomenon that is the beard.

Developed by eco-friendly Italian haircare range Sens.ùs, the innovative Beard Color Gel and Beard Color Cream Activator are set to ensure beards will stand the test of time in all their morning glory.

Available in three colour shades and ammonia and PPD free, the new Beard Color Gel is a permanent oxidation gel cream specially formulated for beards. It is an ultra quick treatment that covers grey hairs and reduces and controls unwanted tones in just a couple of minutes.

Colour reduction is gradual and controlled, wash after wash, creating a natural look resulting in no colour change or regrowth effect – it takes colour fade into an art form that makes this a stand-out quality that gives it the razor-edge.

This ground-breaking product is enriched with Taurine, often referred to as a ‘wonder molecule’. Taurine is an amino acid that slows down the ageing process as it combats free radicals. Combined with the special fluid Beard Color Cream Activator, when applied directly to the beard it covers white hairs in a quick, practical and discreet manner.

I'm in love with Sens.ùs MAN Beard Color! says GM Salon group co-owner, Matt Rowden. The colour looks so natural, no fuss, no mess and with it only taking ten minutes it is super quick to use!

These ingenious products join the existing Sens.ùs MAN range, a range of colouring products for men that raises the bar in personal care. All products in the range feature PPD Free formulas that are gentle on the hair. The selection of shades beat all others with their natural effect and white hair coverage.

So there you have it, Sens.ùs Man. Just take it on the chin.

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