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Are you planning a colour correction? And you want it to be gentle and protective? The solution: La Biosthetique's Color Convert

Colour Convert is an acidic colour stripper with a Vitamin C and amino acid base for a simple and fast reduction of oxidative colour pigments without damaging the hair. The gentlest method to correct hair colours.

Special features
  • Simple and quick application due to the liquid gel consistency
  • Protects the hair thanks to the reductive process
  • Acidic pH level, so no further opening of the cuticle
  • Perfume–free
How it works
Color Convert Powder (salon price £34.00) contains...
  • Vitamin C to decouple and remove oxidative pigments
  • Amino Acid Cysteine which has a reductive effect and thus reverses the colouring process
  • Magnesium Sulphate an electrolyte that promotes the penetration of active substances in the hair fibres.
Color Convert Liquid (salon price £18.50) contains...
  • Ketoglutaric Acid to activate and intensify the effect of Vitamin C and Cysteine

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