Debbie G Launches Indola Smart Street Style Collection

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Renowned trainer Debbie G launched the gorgeous Smart Street Style Collection from Indola to hairdressers from across the UK at Alan Howard on the 30th June.

The wonderful Debbie G joined Indola to present the incredible cuts, colours and styles of the Street Style Collection to a sell out crowd of aspiring hairdressers, trainers and salon owners.

Five of the gorgeous styles trends from the collection were demonstrated including the colourful and fun Pop Art style, the stylish Dolce Vita look, the luxurious and sport inspired Sport-On look, the contemporary Sheer Stories and the more casual look of New Norm. Debbie G said,

This collection is so consumer friendly and really focuses on what clients in the salons are after. The collection is an adaptation of cuts and trends that have been around for a while which makes it a really exciting and inspiring collection. The presentation was a great way to demonstrate the looks from the collection, but also gives us a chance to talk to hairdressers about how the collection works for their clientele.

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