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Dedicated to pure indulgence, Schwarzkopf Professional adds two brand new products to the Oil Ultime assortment, Castor Seed Cleansing Oil and Mediterranean Finishing Oil.

Schwarzkopf Professional believes that ultimate beauty starts from within; #truebeauty. Now more than ever, individuals are seeking experiences. These experiences are also more shareable, which is of great importance to millennials as they spend a large amount of time on social media. This, coupled with the huge shift in attitude regarding the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, means that consumers are seeking out premium experiences with lasting benefits, ones that are often focused on 'me time' and an escape from hectic, daily routines.

Schwarzkopf Professional embraced this with the launch of premium haircare brand, Oil Ultime and is now excited to add two brand new products to the assortment, expanding its indulgent service offering.

Premium haircare, powered by oils

Using the most precious ingredients – from high-performing natural, purified oils to invigorating aromatic Essential Oils – Oil Ultime has been infused with self-evaporating and self-soluble oils for the ultimate lightweight performance and provides lightweight haircare, whilst helping salon clients restore inner balance and escape their hectic daily life during sensual, pampering ceremonies in the salon.

Oil Ultime is the go-to indulgent professional brand, inspired by modern aromatherapy. The new products are:

Oil Ultime Castor Seed Cleansing Oil (100ml £18.55 / €20.60)

Formulated with 100% natural Castor Seed Oil, this Cleansing Oil offers a mindful and relaxing experience. Silicone-free and non-greasy, Castor Seed Oil gently cleanses and cares for the hair and scalp. The lightweight oil texture enables even distribution, leaving hair feeling healthy with a natural glow.

Oil Ultime Mediterranean Finishing Oil (100ml £18.55 / €20.60)

The Mediterranean Finishing Oil uses a rich blend of natural oils, infused with pure white jasmine flower blossoms and refreshing citrus notes of lime and orange. It is specifically formulated to prevent damaging factors faced during warmer weather, such as UV damage. This silicone-free, non-greasy combination provides substantial care and leaves the hair feeling light, radiant and smooth.

In addition, Oil Ultime is proud to announce that the in-salon exclusive Oil Ultime Essential Oils, Relaxing with Lavender and Jasmine Oil and Energizing with Ylang Ylang and Mandarin oil, now boast new formulas that are free-from silicones. They are to be used on both the head and hands during massage, as part of the premium in-salon ceremonies.

For a range of looks and finishes, Oil Ultime salon clients can also choose to experience a Rapid Blow-Dry service using Oil Ultime Finishing Oils, making Oil Ultime the perfect partner for blow-dry services and look creation in the salon.

For more information on Oil Ultime products and in-salon services speak to your local Schwarzkopf Professional representative or visit  Discover a wealth of inspiration via Schwarzkopf Professional’s social media channels (@schwarzkopfprouk) and explore the power of haircare infused with precious oils via the hashtags #OilUltime and #TrueBeauty. The new Oil Ultime products and services are available from January 2020.

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