Expect Another Perfect Ten

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Modern life demands we get the most out of every minute, so if you’re a girl on the go, Indola’s new Wonder Wash is the product that will not only save you time, but also save you space in the bathroom too.

Boasting multiple benefits, Wonder Wash offers ten helpful assets in one unique shampoo. Thanks to an innovative high performing multi-care silk complex, this Wonder Wash formula works deeply and puts a clean magic spell on every hair type from roots to ends. With a super creamy texture, this base enables the integration of a higher concentration of ingredients than in regular shampoos, and increases care performance.

Wonder Wash's ten benefits include,

Gently cleanses
Repairs inside and out
Colour vibrancy
Recovers natural elasticity
Perfect Smoothness
Colour protection
Healthy Shine

RRP £8.75

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