Farewell 2018... Hello 2019!

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With 2019 inching ever closer by the day, we would like to wish all our members and partners in crime an amazing festive season! We look forward to working with you all in 2019, and we have plenty of exciting events on the horizon - not to mention, our hunt for 2019's Nation's Favourite Hairdresser.

So, to sign us off for this year, we will leave you in the talented hands of our first ever Nation's Favourite Hairdresser winner, Kelly Shone Adams...

Well 2018 was definitely one to remember for all the right reasons. Not only was it the year I opened up my own salon, Technocracy Hair, after hairdressing for 26 years, but also being awarded Five Star salon status by the Good Salon Guide. Celebrating their 25th birthday, Good Salon Guide ran a competition called 'The Nation's Favourite Hairdresser'. As the saying goes, "you have to be in it to win it". Little did I know then, but I did!

Winning the title, 'The Nation's Favourite Hairdresser' took a while to sink in as it's been somewhat a surreal year, but it's only cemented my relationship with my wonderful clients even more than I didn't think possible. It's a wonderful feeling knowing your clients support you by returning each time to have their hair done, but taking the time out to vote for their own reasons is such a beautiful and sincere thing to do. I'm a firm believer in you don't build a business you build people, and they build your business. I have a lot of recommendations from my clients and even do seven members from one family. I'm so very lucky to have built up such lovely relationships with my clients over a long period of time and I'm eternally grateful for the support and loyalty they have shown me.

For the competition, we used social media from the opening day and also gave our clients access to our salon tablet to make it easier for them to vote if they wished to do so whilst they were visiting. The widespread coverage from winning the competition has attracted new clientele and a lot of interest to our social media pages. It's also opened a lot of new doors for me and given me new experiences which I'm looking forward to embarking on in 2019.

I would personally like to thank the Good Salon Guide for running such a fantastic competition and I'm looking forward to seeing who wins next year, so until then it's most definitely watch this space from me!

Lots of Welsh Cwtches
The Nation's Favourite Hairdresser 2018 xxx

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