Fellowship ClubStar with D&J Ambrose

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On Monday 11th January the first ClubStar event of 2016 was with the D&J Ambrose Art Team at Wella Studios in London.

Darren Ambrose welcomed the audience to what promised to be a great event, before introducing Art Director Kieran Tudor to the stage. Kieran conveyed the new concepts the Team are exploring with a short show reel displaying the bold images and strong styling influencing the D&J Ambrose Team at the moment.

The evening was divided into three sections with Kieran providing further knowledge throughout as the host for the night. The first section was a demonstration of ‘neo expressionist’ and ‘romantic symbolist’ inspired looks from Company Educator Michael Francos and Art Director Luke Benson. Luke portrayed a ‘pop art feel’ with make-up complimenting the style, while Michael ‘pushed the boundaries’ with a fringe on his male model.

Next on stage were International Colour Director Abby Smith and National Colour Director Clayde Baumann with their colour expertise. Abby spoke of the graphic trend with particular influences from the Dada image by Paul Rand, which had led her to create a street art look using stencils and colour. Clayde described the influences of the Pantone Colour Palette on his model and how he had used ‘peach echo’ and ‘snorkel blue’ in his marbling effect. The final model of this section was enhanced by the addition of hair pieces in what Clayde described as an “expression of colour and emotion.”

The final aspect of the evening was long hair, and included runway styling. Kieran was joined on stage by Michael and Luke who all demonstrated their skills on their own model. Luke focused on a 20’s feel that was complimented by a bold hair piece creating a pop art finish. Michael focused on men’s styling, and his ‘neo expressionist’ look worked with his models natural curl and texture.

Kieran created detailing with gold grips and beachy waves giving a romantic and elegant feel. The Team finished the event with a catwalk of all the looks before thanking everyone.

Michelle Griffin, Project Leader ClubStar North, said,

A fabulous evening of creative talent by the Award winning D&J Ambrose Artistic Team. This event for ClubStar gave an insight into the world and imagination of this brand and their team, from cutting, styling, colour, extensions and avant-garde. The audience were treated to their 2016 collection ‘Response’, seamless merged lines and pockets of colour to micro-bangs and high shine wet look styling. A great start to 2016 for ClubStar; it left us all wanting more.

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