Fellowship Photo Hair Workshop

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The Fellowship’s Photo Hair Workshop was welcomed by the Bed Head Studio with students spending two days with the award-winning Fellowship Ambassador Bruno Marc and expert photographer Kai Wan.

Day one saw six students come together to develop their understanding of how to prepare for a photo shoot. Bruno and Kai, no strangers to creating stunning photographic hair work, educated the students on how to turn their ideas into a reality. With a model to demonstrate on, the pair educated ways to create hair that works on camera and gave tips and tricks for getting the best out of a style. With a focus on curls, Bruno and Kai explained how deconstructed, unorthodox and heavily brushed out curls photograph better than those you’d create on a client.

A few weeks later the students were invited back for day two - shoot day! The students showcased all they learned during day one and were able to benefit from the full photo shoot experience from start to finish. Clothing provided by Bernard Connolly was styled on the day by Jackie Gee, while make-up artist Katie Moore was also on set bringing their visions to life.

Working on models they sourced themselves, the students saw first-hand that the camera loves imperfections and gives hair a different dimension to the usual faultless styling they are used to. Sourcing their own models was perhaps the biggest learning curve for some as the photo shoot highlighted how important it is to find the perfect model to produce the best results on camera.

This workshop is such an amazing opportunity! says Kai, It really opens their eyes to how creating hair for a photo shoot is completely different to being in the salon. It also provides valuable skills which can be put into practice to produce beautiful shots for their salon windows or if they ever wish to enter competitions.

With the creativity flowing, the shoot produced six stunning commercial looks – perfect for showcasing in their salon windows. The looks were varied, edgy and pushed the students’ hairdressing boundaries. Keep your eyes peeled on the Fellowship Facebook page to see the final results.

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