Fellowship Presentation Skills Workshop

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Presenting can be a difficult obstacle for many hairdressers. It can feel unnatural and daunting but the Fellowship, together with the inspiring Edward Hemmings from Alan d Academy, are helping hairdressers to overcome their presenting demons, one workshop at a time!

The latest event took place recently at the L’Oréal Academy in London. Four hairdressers came together to spend the day with Edward who covered every aspect of presenting. Each delegate had a different reason for attending; from dreams of earning a place on the F.A.M.E. Team, Project X, Colour Project and ClubStar Art Team initiatives, to being able to communicate more confidently.

Edward says,

Being on stage is one of the best ways to build your profile and elevate yourself in the hairdressing industry. Not only that, but being a confident communicator can help you in so many aspects of your job and personal life! I always advise my delegates to prepare for presentations as much as you possibly can, do what you can to be as comfortable on stage as possible and remember your name and where you’re from – your brain will do the rest!

So once the delegates had the theory nailed, they put it all into practice by presenting to each other and, in doing so, perfected their delivery and content, leaving the workshop a much-improved presenter.

The group I worked with this time around were absolutely fantastic, says Edward, the progress and differences in their skills from when they first arrived was tremendous and they should all be so proud of themselves.

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