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Clients complaining that their colour has faded? Not possible, says Tom Porter from Malibu C. Here, he explains what actually causes colour to lose its vibrancy.

Most colourists will be used to hearing clients complain that their hair colour has faded – but what can you do to help? You’re trained to the highest technical level, you’ve got a professional colour line with whom you’re proud to be aligned and you stock and prescribe the right colour protection products and at-home regimen to keep your results looking vibrant.

So, what’s the problem? Tom Porter, founder of Malibu C, believes that colour doesn’t actually fade; it’s a build-up of unwanted minerals and pollution on the hair that leads it to look less vibrant with time.

The bottom line is, what’s in the water at home affects what happens in the salon - Tom Porter

Hard water – that’s water with high levels of minerals – is problematic for colour. The pH of water and presence of minerals and chlorine can cause havoc when it comes to fade and discolouration – so even if your clients are using the right products, each hair wash can actually reduce the richness of their colour.

Imagine each strand of hair with an invisible wall of tiny rocks around it. Each day, the problem gets worse and worse as a client stands relaxing under the shower. The heat of the water opens the cuticle, allowing more minerals in. Then, when they come into the salon, you’re trying to colour over this layer of rocks. That leads to colour fade, muddy blondes and a lack of vibrancy. The most colour-resistant hair is usually found at the top of the head and on the crown, because that’s where the water in the shower is hitting the head for longest. - Tom Porter

The solution? Remove those unwanted minerals prior to colour application, so you’re starting with a perfect blank canvas. Malibu C’s Crystal Gel contains a patented blend of antioxidant vitamin crystals, to naturally cleanse and prime the hair in preparation for technical services. As Tom says,

It’s not about what we put on your hair; it’s about what we take off your hair.

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