Give your Hair Plenty of TLC this Summer

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Celebrity colourist to Beyonce, Madonna and JLO has your summer hair covered!

All summer long we remember care for our skin, but our locks are often left loveless and exposed to days in the sun and dips in the pool.

Throughout the summer your sun-streaked hair can use a little TLC as well, and Rita Hazan has the perfect solution with her Weekly Remedy (£34) and Triple Threat Split End Remedy (£24).

“You have to treat your scalp as you treat your skin,” says Rita

Rita’s Weekly Remedy lightweight treatment repairs severely damaged colour treated hair from the inside out, leaving it soft manageable and frizz-free. Simply use in place of conditioner once a week. Triple Threat Split End Remedy targets breakage and immediately seals frazzled ends, while preventing future damage.

While Rita Hazan can’t assist with your post-summer blues, she can make sure your post-summer hair is happy and healthy.

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